See the huge variety of Christian media
The Jesus Film became for many People the only good news they ever knew. This message is life.
Troens Bevis has here the "New Life School" in this app. Learn of God with this app
WBT has nearly every bible available on this planet.
Billy Graham told the Gospel of Jesus to more than 250 million people. ...How?...
Barry Adams lets God talk about HIS love to you. Enjoy who God really is.
The 700 club gives you events up todate making you realize GOD's clock.
What really happend to the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world?
The Christian Broadcasting Network News of life with a Christinan view. on your cellphone comes in many languages and options.
Emanuel Minos an evangelist gives you to think about his lifes collected treasures.
A tool with Hebrew reading, search in search results AND... For MS or Mac with code-weavers.

Become a good Pastor with Professor Rev. Dr. Harald Hesse

Courses in Mission and Theology available:


Vocational courses

become serious about your calling!

Good for work in Church and Mission

Batchelor of Arts Master of Divinity Doctor of Theology
God shows archaeological remains of the bible by Ron Wyatt
Deal with the shadows of God's light, to see the future!

...or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come...
Col 2:16ff
The messianic matador who brings back the hebrew roots into the Christian life.
Languages samples from all over the world.
Akiane Kramiak painted since she was 4. The results are of beauty and faith.
Christian Radio Broadcast also for you.
More apps about bibles.
The ark moses made has an original in heaven It tells you a story from heaven
God does overwealming miracles collected by Sid Roth
Global recording Network invites you to to record the messages of all tribes.
Jonathan Cahn takes you to the hebrew view and Harbingers of God in our time.
The kids and family program that talks about the stories of the hebrew heros.
Jim Bakker has the top themes to let your life not go down. His life is good to know.
Christians are still the most persecuted people. Examples how the devil does it.
Tune in is a Radio in the internet which contains a lot of Christian broadcasts.
Marc Biltz a preacher of El Shaddai ministries is able to tell us God's time
Be a part of QuickGospel we need translators.

Trans World Radio
just try!


find more bibles for phones at wycliffe Bible translators.
A Jewish scholar had a deep search for the right pronounciation of God's name. His access to more than 100000 hidden manuscipts opened up the truth.
IBRA media provides you with Audio and Video material and broadcast.